Indian Government came into action for improving the inflow of Tourists

The tourism ministry is the position that handles the various activities related to travel industry like national policies, coordination programs, promotion and development of tourism in this nation. Indian Government gives the responsibility of this ministry to a union minister of state for tourism.

Shripad Yesso Naik handled the charge of Culture and Tourism Ministry under the new Government. In this new government, they took trustworthy steps for promoting the Indian tourism sector. There are several cleaning, developing and securing tourism related project comes into progress now.

Some projects like a Varanasi Ganga Cleaning Project or Costal Karnataka Tourism Circuit are in the beginning stage. We will ensure that visitors feel safe and secure here. The prime minister of India has a vision for India Tour make one of the most beautiful and secure trip. The Karnataka Costal Project develops more than 140 beaches within next three years.

india_tourIt is a great signal for Indian Tour and travel industry that encourage the private players to build their hotels, cottage, transports etc. It will boost the trend of growth rate and employments in tourism sector.


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