Let’s Celebrate National Festivals of India

India has three most popular national festivals 15th August- Independence day, 26th January- Republic Day and 02nd October- Gandhi Jayanti. These festivals celebrated in all around the nation, but you can witness as a grand celebration with cultural programs and flag hoisting ceremonies in the state capital New Delhi.


Independence day is a celebration to memorize the day, when India achieved the freedom from the British rule. The commercial preparation of this festival in Delhi starts one month in advance. On this occasion, we all Indians pay united respect to our soldier and patriotic martyr who give their lives for freedom.

The occasions related to the Independence in Delhi include only amusements and festivities, there is no rituals at all. Here visitors can witness various cultural activities that organized by the various artists come from every state and children of school & colleges.

The 15th August celebrated by government organization as well as private sector. The Prime Minister of the nation gives a national speech after hoisting the national flag at the Lal Qilla (Red Fort). During this festival, you can visit Delhi with Indian Tour and witness all the incredible programs. This city is one of the most important tourist destinations in different tour packages of India.


India is a land of diversity that attracts the visitors in every season. It’s blessed with limitless natural beauty, culture, historical architecture and much more. You can make a plan for your vacation in India and enjoy the world-famous culture and destinations.


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