Rejuvenate life with Spa and Yoga

“The spa industry markets itself as offering holistic wellness through a variety of services intended to enhance well-being across body, mind and spirit.”- as quoted in the book The Psychology of Spas and Well being  In today’s hectic life and fast living we have got no time for ourselves. We tend to overlook proper care and treatments for our skin and body. However with the increase of necessity, the specialized salons and day spas have been invented which do not require your full day and night’s time for the energizing treatment.


The spa helps to relief body pain, proper blood circulation, enhances body energy and better body movement, relaxes body muscles, detoxifies the body, reduces stress, helps to lower body fat and also helps to prevent hypertension and blood pressure. The spa treatments are very important to keep you going. With Spa, yoga is also important to keep your body healthy and free from ailments. Yoga is the traditional method of meditation used in ancient India Tours.

When our body is healthy, the mind becomes clear and focused. When one is healthy the person is in touch with its inner self. Yoga exercise increases the flexibility of the spine and improves the physical condition. Yoga asanas teaches you to focus on breathing which helps in relieving stress and anxiety. Also regular yoga practice leads to better and deeper sleep and maintain the energy level throughout the day.

India has become an important destination with places like –Kerala, Goa, Rishikesh and Rajasthan for Indian Tour. Indian Memoirz has customized India Spa and Ayurveda tour to cater to the needs of the tourists who embark on a spa tour to experience the holistic healing of Indian spa.