Capture the Graceful and Pleasurable Moments with Pushkar Fair India

India is the mysterious nation that has different historical stories and victories. It is one of the most colorful and vibrant cultural nation that famous in all around the world. Here you can experience the beautiful places with lots of colorful fair and festivals. Indian culture and its history are the strongest features that attract the more people frequent.

pushkarf-17-06-14Historical stories of great wars, spiritual power and a winning story of warriors are common in India. Fair and festivals are very common occasions in everywhere in India. Pushkar Fair Tour is one of the most popular tour packages that organized in the India’s largest state Rajasthan. It is the majestic desert state that held a five days affair of fair.

In this festival, the people come here, across the nation and make the cattle business deals directly with the owners of the cattle. The visitors can enjoy the direct trading of various cattle and various local activities like camel race, folk music and artisans.

Pushkar Cattle Fair ...epa03945061 Rajasthani camel vendors andWhen we talk about the Pushkar- it is one of the five sacred centers of Hindu religions. Here you can find the only single temple of Lord Brahma in all around the world. Hinduism followers can dip in the holy lake of Pushkar that created by the Lord Brahma’s hand. Around 14 kilometers away from the Pushkar is situated another holy city named Ajmer.

Pushkar Fair 2014 Dates will fall between 26th October to 6th November. If you are interested to visit this beautiful fair, then this is the right time for make booking of the trip.